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使用报表,可以为您在查找文件中指定的维度元素或为特定数量的维度元素(如最高订单计数为 10 的用户)动态生成报表。
Using a dynamic title annotation, you can display a title in a dynamic report that identifies either the dimension element name currently being processed by Report or the dimension element name that you have selected to view. 动态标题批注可用于标识您在报表上所查看的是哪个元素的数据,它不会改变其他任何可视化,也不会无意中按特定元素对某个所选内容进行排序。
This functionality is available only when you have licensed Report. For more information about Report, see the Data Workbench Report Guide .
有关动态生成报表的详细信息,请参阅《Insight 报表指南》**。
  • 右键单击动态标题注释,然后单击 Change Dimension > < dimension name >
  • To view the information for one particular element, click Change Element and click the desired element to preview the report for that particular element.
    导出到 Microsoft Excel
    有关导出窗口的信息,请参阅 导出窗口数据 .