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创建Profile Manager

You may want to access a subdirectory of the Profile Manager without having to navigate its entire directory structure. For example, the Metrics and Workspaces menu options available on the Manage menu of the workspace window menu enable you to open the Profile Manager Metrics and Workspaces folders, respectively.
有关的详细信息,请 Profile Manager参阅 配置文件管理器
  • Metrics Manager: ​显示Profile Manager的Metrics文件夹的内容。 您可以打开、编辑、删除或复制每个配置文件中定义的量度。
  • Reports Manager: ​显示Profile Manager的Reports文件夹的内容。 您可以打开、编辑、删除或复制报表工作区或report.cfg文件。
  • Workspaces Manager: ​显示Profile Manager的Workspaces文件夹的内容。 所有用于配置Worktop选项卡的文件都位于此处。See Customizing Worktop Tabs .
Data Workbench enables you to create additional profile managers that display one subdirectory from the Profile Manager. Each manager that you create must have a .vw file that specifies the Profile Manager directory whose contents it shows and the properties of that window. You can use the .vw file for any of the provided managers as a template.
  1. In the Profile Manager, click the Menu directory to view its contents.
  2. 在 Menu 目录内,单击 Admin 目录,然后单击 Profile 目录。The .vw files for the existing managers are located here.
  3. In the profile name column, right-click the check mark for the one of the .vw files (for example, Workspaces.vw), then click Make Local .
    A check mark for the file appears in the User column.
  4. Right-click the check mark for the .vw file in the User column and click Open > in Notepad .
  5. In the Profile Path field, type the Profile Manager directory for which you want to create a new manager. 请确保目录名称后面包含斜线 (/)。
    window = simpleBorderWindow:
    client = scrollWindow: 
    client = fileManager:
      Profile Path = string: directory name/
      size = v3d: (820, 5649, 0)
      scroll_offset = v3d: (0, 0, 0)
      size = v3d: (830, 881, 0)
      pos = v3d: (525, 162, 0)
      size = v3d: (830, 900, 0)
  6. In Notepad, click File > Save As to save the edited file to the Data Workbench installation folder \User*working profile name*\Menu\Admin\Profile Management.
    Be sure to change the name of the .vw file to reflect the directory in the Profile Manager to which it corresponds.
  7. (Optional) To make the changes available to all users of the working profile, right-click the check mark for the .vw file in the User column and click Save to > < working profile name >.