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“服务器文件管理器”显示Data Workbench Server安装目录中的所有目录,包括配置和查找文件。
You may want to access a portion of the Server Files Manager without having to navigate its entire directory structure or display only a few of the subdirectories to address a particular need. For example, you might want to create a separate Server Files Manager that displays only the Access Control and Users subdirectories, enabling you to manage your users and their access.
Each manager that you create must have a .vw file. You can use the Server Files.vw file as a template.
有关的详细信息, Server Files Manager请参 阅服务器文件管理器
  1. 在中, Profile Manager单击目 Menu 录,然后单击目 Admin 录。 The Server Files.vw file is located here.
  2. In the profile name column, right-click the check mark for the Server Files.vw file and click Make Local . A check mark for the file appears in the User column.
  3. Right-click the check mark for the Server Files.vw file in the User column and click Open > from the workbench . The Server Files.vw file opens.
  4. 要删除目录,请右键单击该目录的上边框, Server Files Manager 然后单击 Server Directories > Remove > < directory name >
  5. 要添加目录,请右键单击目录的上边框 Server Files Manager,单击 Server Directories > Add > Directory
    Type the directory’s URI in the URI field, and click OK .
    您可以在URI字段中指定多个目录。 例如,如果您键入[Profiles\Marketing\],则服务器文件管理器将包含Marketing子目录,但Profiles目录中没有其他子目录。
  6. 右键单击顶部边框,然 Server Files Manager 后单击 Save
  7. To create a new manager, change the file name in the File Name field, then click Save . To overwrite the existing manager, click Save .
  8. (可选)要使更改对工作配置文件的所有用户可用,请右键单击列中文件 .vw 的复选标 User 记。
    然后,单击 Save to > < working profile name > .