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Worktop 中的每个选项卡或子选项卡都对应一种特定的信息类型,例如“功能板”、“活动”、“获取”,等等。
For example, the Acquisition tab might contain workspaces that provide data about referring domains, search engines, and campaigns.
Each tab that appears in the Worktop corresponds to a folder in the working profile name \Workspaces folder within the Data Workbench installation directory. Worktop 中选项卡的顺序由相同文件夹中的 order.txt 文件来控制。例如,如果在 Workspaces 文件夹中有一个 子文件夹,然后在 order.txt 文件中添加 作为第一个条目,则“Acquisition获取”即是 Worktop 中的第一个选项卡,该子文件夹下的所有内容将显示在“Acquisition获取”选项卡中。
For information about using the order.txt file to customize the workspace window menu, see Customizing Menus .