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You open an existing dataset include file using the Profile Manager in data workbench.
For information about opening and working with the Profile Manager, see the Data Workbench User Guide .
  1. While working in your dataset profile, open the Profile Manager and click Dataset to show the contents of the directory.
    • 要打开文 Log Processing Dataset Include 件,请单 Log Processing 击以显示目录的内容。
    • 要打开文 Transformation Dataset Include 件,请单 Transformation 击以显示目录的内容。
  2. Right-click the check mark next to the desired dataset include file and click Make Local . A check mark for this file appears in the User column.
  3. 右键单击新创建的复选标记,然后单击 Open > from the workbench 。 此时会出现配置窗口。
    You can also open a dataset include file from a Transformation Dependency Maps. 有关信息,请 Transformation Dependency Maps参阅重新 处理和重新转换
  4. 根据需要编辑配置文件中的参数。有关 参数的说明,请参阅日志处理数 据集包含文件或转换数据集包含文件 c-trans-dataset-inc-files.translate.html#concept-c64aa78ed9ce40b8a0f4932c82ff5ace
    在 Data Workbench 窗口内编辑数据集包含文件时,可以使用快捷键实现基本编辑功能,包括剪切 (Ctrl+x)、复制 (Ctrl+c)、粘贴 (Ctrl+v)、撤消 (Ctrl+z)、恢复 (Ctrl+Shift+z)、选择部分(单击并拖动)以及选择全部 (Ctrl+a)。In addition, you can use the shortcuts to copy and paste text from one configuration file ( .cfg) to another.
  5. To save your changes, right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save .
  6. To make the locally made changes take effect, in the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for the file in the User column, then click Save to > < profile name > , where profile name is the name of the dataset profile or the inherited profile to which the dataset include file belongs. 在数据集配置文件同步之后,系统便会开始重新处理或重新转换数据。
    请勿将已修改的配置文件保存到 Adobe 提供的任何内部配置文件中,因为当您安装这些配置文件的更新时,系统会覆盖您所做的更改。