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  1. In the Profiles*profile name*\Maps folder within the Insight Server installation directory, place the layer file and the supporting image files.
  2. Edit the order.txt file in the Profiles*profile name*\Maps folder to reflect the order in which you want the layers to display. 默认情况下,层会按其名称以词典顺序显示。
    When editing the order.txt file, take care not to cover up map layers that you want to show.
    For more information about using order.txt files, see the Configuring Interface and Analysis Features chapter of the Data Workbench User Guide .
  3. In data workbench, select the desired profile by right-clicking the workspace title bar and clicking Switch Profile > < profile name > .
  4. Right-click the workspace title bar and click Work Online . X显示在旁边 Work Online。
  5. 打开一个工作区,然后在地球可视化上右键单击并选择新层。随即会在层名称旁边显示一个 X。