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无法使用处理规则设置产品变量。在 iOS 4.x SDK 中,您必须在上下文数据参数中使用专门的语法,以直接在服务器调用中设置产品。
要设置 products 变量,请将上下文数据键设置为 "&&products" ,然后使用为 products 变量定义的语法来设置值:
[contextData setObject:@"Category;Product;Quantity;Price[,Category;Product;Quantity;Price]" forKey:@"&&products"];

//create a context data dictionary 
NSMutableDictionary *contextData = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary]; 
// add products, a purchase id, a purchase context data key, and any other data you want to collect. 
// Note the special syntax for products 
[contextData setObject:@";Running Shoes;1;69.95,;Running Socks;10;29.99" forKey:@"&&products"]; 
[contextData setObject:@"1234567890" forKey:@"m.purchaseid"]; 
[contextData setObject:@"1" forKey:@"m.purchase"]; 
// send the tracking call - use either a trackAction or TrackState call. 
// trackAction example: 
[ADBMobile trackAction:@"purchase" data:contextData]; 
// trackState example: 
[ADBMobile trackState:@"Order Confirmation" data:contextData]; 

products 直接在图像请求中设置,而其他变量则设置为上下文数据:必须使用处理规则映射所有上下文数据变量:
您不需要使用处理规则映射 products 变量,因为该变量是由 SDK 直接在图像请求中设置的。