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Search&Promote 15.1.1 Release Notes (01/15/2015)


  • 以前,诸如词干、同义词之类的语言始终会应用到引导式搜索规则中的关键字。现在,您可以停用此项扩展,以便按原样使用关键字。
    如果要将触发条件应用于业务规则,请在第一个下拉列 Advanced Rule Builder表中 If any/all of the following conditions are met ​,选择 keyword ​,然后在第二个下拉列表中选择 equal exact 新的运算符。

Fixes and enhancements

  • Visual Rule Builder 并且 Advanced Rule Builder 不再截断MDI(销售文档ID)字段值。
  • 与 RBTA 有关的索引失败现已修复。
  • 编辑状态为“已批准”的现有业务规则现在会撤消“已批准”状态。 You must use Advanced Rule Builder to recheck the option Approved , and then save the rule as usual. If you do not reapprove an edited rule, the rule's status is automatically set to WIP (Work In Progress) on the Business Rules page.
  • A new Advanced Search option is now available on the Business Rules page for improved filtering of rules.
  • contains word 、 Query Cleaning和中的规则触发器添加了条件, [Pre-Search Rules]Business Rules以便您轻松指定分词。
  • 对业务规则注释所做的改进,例如在查看规则时,您现在可以检索该规则的注释历史记录。 此外,注释现已登录 Reports > Change Log ​。
  • Queries with nonzero sp_i values are no longer run through the Adobe Analytics redirector.
    请参阅后端搜索CGI参数中 的表中的第15行