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将 Adobe Analytics 作为 Adobe Target 报表源 (A4T)

Adobe Analytics for Target (A4T)是一种跨解决方案集成,允许您根据转化指标和活动细 Analytics 分创建受众。 The A4T integration lets you use Analytics reports to examine your results. If you use Analytics as the reporting source for an activity, all reporting and segmentation for that activity is based on Analytics data collection.

A4T 概述

The Analytics for Target integration between Analytics and Target provides powerful analysis and timesaving tools for your optimization program.
The three primary benefits of using Analytics data in Target are:
  • Marketers can dynamically apply Analytics success metrics or reporting segments to Target activity reports at any time. 在运行活动之前不需要指定各项内容。
  • 单一数据源可消除在两个不同的系统中收集数据时出现的差异。
  • Your existing Analytics implementation collects all required data. 不需要专门为了收集报表数据而在页面上实施相关 mbox。Although, it is still recommended that you implement an order confirmation mbox for Automated Personalization (AP) activities.
在开始使用 A4T 之前,您需要请求对您的帐户进行配置,以便使用该集成。可使用 此表单 提交配置请求。
The integration that enables Analytics as the data source for Target (A4T) represents the next generation of the Test&Target to SiteCatalyst plug-in. 虽然此插件已被弃用,但已使用它的客户仍可获得支持。
If you use Analytics as the reporting source for an activity, all reporting and segmentation for that activity is based on Analytics.
All Analytics metrics, including calculated metrics, are available in Target and the Target Activities report in Analytics. Likewise, any segment available in Analytics can be applied to both solutions. You can apply the metric or audience to the report in Target after the activity has started, or even after the activity has completed.
Every metric is included, including any customer or calculated metrics that are built-in in Analytics.
在考虑使用 A4T 时,请牢记以下几点:
  • To use Analytics as the reporting source for Target, both you and your company must have access to Analytics and to Target. 请联系您的帐户代表 ,以便使用这些解决方案。
  • 为每个活动设置报表源。Target 继续收集要在报告中使用的 Target ,如果您希望根据收集的活动来收集数据,数据仍可 Target用。
  • 您只能使用一个报表源。您无法从两个报表源为单个活动收集数据。
  • When using A4T, all success metrics available to your activities are Analytics metrics. 但是,您的目标量度可以基于 mbox 调用。For example, you can use Target's out-of-the-box click-tracking capabilities with A4T instead of having to implement Analytics click-tracking code.
  • When viewing reporting of an A4T activity in the Target UI, you are viewing Analytics data. For example, if you use the Visitor metric in Target, you are using the Analytics Visitor metric, not the Target Visitors metric, which is now called Entrants. This difference is especially important for basic traffic metrics (Visitors, Visits, Page Views) and conversion metrics.
  • Any existing Target activities continue to use Target data collection and are not affected by enabling A4T.
  • Only one mbox-based metric is allowed when using Analytics as the reporting source.
  • A server-to-server call from Target to Analytics sends activity and experience information to Analytics. This integration does not result in additional server calls for either Target or Analytics.
    在某些情况下,从到的分类调 Target 用可 Analytics 能会失败,活动不在中显示数据 Analytics。 如果发生这种情况,请 参阅Analytics和目标集成疑难解答(A4T) 。 您还可以联 系客户关怀 ,获取进一步帮助。

Supported activity types

The following table shows you which activity types support Analytics as the reporting source in Target (A4T):
是否兼容 A4T?
使用手动流量拆分的 A/B 活动
使用自动分配的 A/B 活动
使用自动定位的 A/B 活动
体验定位 (XT)
多变量测试 (MVT)
Requires mbox-based goal metric goal to get the Element Contribution report. The Element Contribution report does not currently support Analytics metrics.
自动个性化 (AP) 活动
在 Mobile Services SDK 版本 4.13.1 或更高版本中受支持。有关更多信息,请参阅 Mobile Services 文档
服务器端交付 API
有关更多信息,请参阅 服务器端:实施 Target
有关更多信息,请参阅 服务器端:实施 Target
AEM 6.1(或更低版本)云服务集成
AEM 6.2(或更高版本)云服务集成
For more information, see Integrating with Adobe Target in the Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 documentation.
要将重定向选件与 A4T 配合使用,需满足一些较为严格的最低要求。有关更多信息,请参阅 重定向选件 - A4T 常见问题解答
Because all activity types do not yet support A4T, it is recommended that you keep or implement important conversion mboxes, such as the orderConfirmPage mbox.

Examples of A4T reports

To view A4T reports in Target, click Activities , click the desired activity from the list that uses Analytics as its reporting source, then click the Reports tab.
您可以使用活动页面顶部的报表源下拉列表来仅显示使用 Analytics 作为报表源的活动。
You can toggle between the Table View and Graph View of the report by clicking the appropriate icon at the top right side of the report.
下图显示了 A4T 报表的“图形视图”,其中的“报表量度”下拉列表显示了可用的 Analytics 目标量度:
下图显示了 A4T 报表的“图形视图”,其中的“受众”下拉列表显示了可用的​Analytics 受众:
下图显示了 A4T 报表的“表格视图”:
要在 Analytics 而不是 Target 中查看报表,请单击报表顶部的​ ​在 Analytics 中查看。

Analytics 与 Target:分析最佳实践教程

Open the Analytics & Target: Best Practices for Analysis tutorial, provided by Adobe Experience League.




This video explains how to use Analytics as a reporting source in Target to drive the analysis of your optimization program.
  • 介绍什么是 A4T 以及为何要使用它
  • 介绍 A4T 的工作原理
  • 了解使用 A4T 之前需要满足的先决条件


此视频是“ 办公时间 ”的录像,“办公时间”是 Adobe 客户关怀团队发起的一项计划。
  • 如何设置集成并验证集成可正常工作
  • 集成的工作原理
  • 了解要在 Analytics 中使用的理想报表
  • 关于 A4T 的常见问题解答