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使用 Analytics 跟踪服务器

If you are using an older version of at.js or mbox.js, you must specify an analytics tracking server for activities that use Analytics for Target (A4T).
If you use Analytics as your activity's reporting source, you do not need to specify a tracking server during activity creation if you are using mbox.js version 61 (or later) or at.js version 0.9.1 (or later). mbox.js 或 at.js 库会自动将跟踪服务器值发送到 Target。在活动创建期间,您可以将“目标和设置”页面上的“跟踪服务器”字段留空。
To ensure that data from Target goes to the correct location in Analytics, A4T requires an analytics tracking server to be sent in all calls to Modstats from Target. For implementations using multiple tracking servers you can use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to determine the correct tracking server for your activity.
  1. 在创建活动的页面中,打开 Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger。
    如果尚未安装调试器,请参阅安 装Experience Cloud调试器
    The analytics tracking server is found in the SiteCatalyst Image section of the debugger. The field is called First Party Cookies or Third Party Cookies depending on the implementation, and the Analytics tracking server value will be in one of these formats:
    • (对于 CNAME 实施)
    • (对于非 RDC 实施)
    • (对于 RDC 实施)
    Company​ Analytics 表示 公司名称, metrics 是 CNAME 值的一个示例,而 d1 是 数据中心的一个示例。Analytics
  2. 复制该字段的全部内容。
  3. 在活动的“”屏幕的“报表设置​ ”部分中,将复制的跟踪服务器信息粘贴到跟踪服务器 ​字段中。
    You must select Analytics as the Reporting Source for your activity for the Tracking Server field to be available.