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A4T 报表

Using Analytics as your reporting source for Target (A4T) gives you access to Analytics reports for your Target activities.
You can view reports for your activities in both Analytics and Target.
For reporting best practices using Analytics for Target, visit this Adobe Spark page .


Both Analytics and Target reports measure entrants (the people who enter the tests), rather than visitors to the site.
Every time a visitor sees activity content on the page, Target makes a direct server-to-server call to Analytics, including which activity and experience the visitor saw. Target 进行转 Analytics 换时也会进行调用。 Analytics 将转换添加为名为“事件转 Analytics 换”的特定新活动,该与由收集的其他数据一起跟踪 Analytics。
When the Select operation is used and you sort on Entrants , then only experiences that received entrants during the selected time period are displayed in the reports.
Reports powered by Target have a latency of four minutes. For activities powered by A4T, in both the Target and Analytics reports, it can take up to 24 hours after the activity is initially saved before the report data can be broken down by experiences. 在划分数据之前的这 24 小时内收集到的数据仍然准确,并且会被分配给正确的体验。

Analytics 中的报表

In Analytics, click Target > Target Activities in the left menu. In Target, the activity's reports automatically show Analytics data, metrics, and segments. 从网站收集数据大约一小时后,数据便会显示在这些报表中。报表中的所有量度、受众和值都来自您在设置活动时选择的报表包。
In Analytics, use the Target Activities report to view the results of your Target activity. Test&Target (Legacy) Reports provides information about your old Test&Target plug-in style page integrations and does not include Analytics for Target data. In the Activities report, view information about your Target experiences. 单击​ 量度 ,然后选择​ 目标 ​量度类型。您的报表有两个可用的量度:
  • 活动参加: Target匹配 报表中的参加者数量。
  • 活动转化: Target匹配 报表中的自定义转化数量。
Target 此外,还提供提升和置信度详细信 Analytics息。 有关详细信息,请参 阅《Analytics Components Guide》(分析组件指南 )中的 目标提升和信心
If your Target Activities report in Analytics lists "unspecified" instead of listing your activities, an update is required to your provisioned account. 请联系客户关怀团队以解决此问题。

Target 中的报表

When Analytics is used as the reporting source, reports in Target show the data gathered from Analytics. The report differs somewhat from other Target reports:
  • The Audiences list shows the audiences available to your Analytics report suite.
  • The Metric list shows every metric available through Analytics.
    Every metric is available, including any custom or calculated metrics that are built-in in Analytics.
You can apply the metric or audience to the report in Target after the activity has started, or even after the test has completed. 您无需事先知晓要衡量的确切内容。
Click to view the full Analytics report directly from the activity report page.

Analysis Workspace 中的报表

您可以使用 Adobe Analysis Workspace 来深入挖掘和可视化数据,或揭示隐藏在表面下的洞察。
For detailed information and examples, open the Analytics & Target: Best Practices for Analysis tutorial , provided by Adobe Experience League.


在活动创建期间,您必须在“设置”页面中指定活动的目标。此目标将作为报表的默认量度并且在量度选择器中始终列为第一个选项。您将无法像设置常规 Target 活动的报表那样选择报表的区段。A test with Analytics uses Adobe Analytics segments rather than Target audiences.

Performing offline calculations for Analytics for Target (A4T)

您可以为 A4T 执行离线计算,但需要在 Analytics 中完成数据导出步骤。
有关更多信息,请参阅 为 Analytics for Target (A4T) 执行离线计算