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将 Target 与 Adobe Campaign 集成

Use Target with Adobe Campaign to optimize email content.
To optimize your email content--for example, to display different offers for male and female recipients--you can create a redirect offer in Target, then use Adobe Campaign to manage the email offers.
打开电子邮件时,即会开始进行集成。When the customer opens the email, a call is made to Target and a dynamic version of the content appears. 该内容包含一个所有浏览器均支持的静态图像。Target 会在受众级别或会话级别跟踪对选件做出的响应,该跟踪数据将提供在 报表中。Target
Target 可以跟踪以下数据:
  • 用户代理
  • IP 地址
  • 地理位置
  • 与 Target 中的访客 ID 关联的区段(需获得法律批准)
  • Data from Campaign Datamart
  • 由于只能使用一个图像,因此无法对内容进行个性化设置。
  • Tracking is not consolidated in Adobe Campaign.
  • 没有统一的用户体验。
    You must use both Target and Campaign to set up different parts of the integration:
    • 中的 rawbox 和体验Target
    使用rawbox和时,请 Target参阅“创建”下的重 要安允许列表全声明,该目标指定已获得授权向发送mbox调用的主机
    • The delivery in Campaign


Before you use Adobe Campaign to set up your targeted email offers, set up the following in Target:
Start the activity in Target before setting up the Campaign portion of the integration.

将 Target 选件包含在 Adobe Campaign 电子邮件中

  1. Create an email in Adobe Campaign.
  2. 在电子邮件属性中,单击​ 包含 > 由 Adobe Target 提供的动态图像
  3. 从共享的资产中选择默认图像。
  4. 指定位置 (rawbox)。
  5. 添加任何其他决策参数,例如收件人的性别。
  6. 预览电子邮件,并为每个选件至少选择一个收件人(在此示例中,选择的是一位男性和一位女性)。
  7. In Campaign, define the Target Edge server you are using to control the activity and the name of the tenant.
  8. Specify the external account used for the Adobe Experience Cloud so you can access the resources in the Experience Cloud.
For more information, refer to the Adobe Campaign documentation.