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關於如何在 Report Builder 建立異常偵測請求的步驟。
  1. 選取趨勢化報表,如​ 網站度量 > 流量 ​報表。
  2. In the Apply Granularity menu, select Day .
    The Anomaly Detection menu is available only when you select Day granularity. 前 30 天的資料用於統計資料培訓期間,無論您選取的日期範圍為何。
  3. After configuring date ranges, click Next .
    步驟結果 1。On the Request Wizard: Step 2 of 2, add a metric, such as Visits .
    步驟結果 1。For the added metric, click the None link.
  4. Select Anomaly Detection > `<selection>` .
  5. Click Finish and select the cell for output to Excel.
    See Anomaly Detection for definitions.