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此標幟用來停用某些瀏覽器的強制連結追蹤。依預設會為 FireFox 20 (和更高版本) 與 WebKit 瀏覽器啟用強制連結追蹤。
When useForcedLinkTracking is enabled, the AppMeasurement file overrides the default link behavior on some browsers to prevent the track link call from being canceled when the new page opens. AppMeasurement檔案會執行追蹤連結呼叫並手動處理導覽事件,而非使用預設的瀏覽器動作。
JavaScript H.25.4 (於 2013 年 2 月發行) 針對在 useForcedLinkTracking 啟用時受到追蹤的連結新增了下列範圍限制。自動強制連結追蹤僅套用於:
  • <A> <AREA> 標籤實施流量分類。
  • 標記必須具有 HREF 屬性.
  • The HREF can't start with # , about: , or javascript: .
  • The TARGET attribute must not be set, or the TARGET needs to refer to the current window ( _self , _top , or the value of ).
Default value = true


s.useForcedLinkTracking = false