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Adobe Analytics的進階搜尋

也使用Audience manager的客戶可 Adobe Analytics 以啟用選項,以充份運用兩個解決方案之間的 Advanced Search for Adobe Analytics 整合。
此整合可讓您查看從報表套裝衍生之鍵值配對的好記 Adobe Analytics 名稱。 以下是如何做到的:
  1. 前往並 Audience Data > Signals > Search 執行並 Signals Search 啟用選 Advanced search for Adobe Analytics 項。
  2. Use the drop-down menu to search for and select the report suite to be used. Report Suite Adobe Analytics
  3. Enter the rest of the search criteria and click . Search To search for all the signals in the specified report suite, leave the key-value fields blank.
    The field shows auto-completed suggestions based on your input, as well as friendly names for the keys that you enter. Key or Key Name
  4. The search results will now show you the friendly names for the key-value pairs entered in the column, or for all of the signals in the report suite, if you left the key-value fields blank. Key or Key Name
The video below shows how to use to discover and use your Adobe Analytics data, including searching for used and unused signals, creating Analytics traits, and understanding the data.Data Explorer