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Managing incoming SMS

Managing STOP SMS

This configuration is defined in the Automatic reply sent to the MO section of the SMS Routing external account . MO代表「Mobile Origination」,這表示您可以對傳送SMS的行動裝置設定自動回覆。
  1. From the advanced menu, via the Adobe Campaign logo, select Administration > Application settings > External accounts then the SMS routing via SMPP external account.
  2. Automatic reply sent to the MO 在類別下方,按一下 Create element 以開始設定自動回覆。
  3. 選擇要觸發此自動回覆的關鍵字。關鍵字不區分大小寫。例如,如果收件者傳送關鍵字「停止」,則會收到自動回覆。
  4. In the Short code field, specify a number that is usually used to send deliveries and will serve as a sender name. You can also decide to leave the Short code column empty, to send the same reply no matter what the short code.
  5. Type in the answer you want to send to your recipients in the field Reply .
    To carry out an action without sending a reply, leave the Reply column empty. 例如,這可讓您從以非「停止」訊息的使用者的手機號碼中移除回覆。
  6. Additional action 在欄位中,將動作連結至自動回覆:
    • Send to quarantine 動作會自動四分裂描述檔電話號碼。
    • Remove from quarantine 此動作會移除隔離的設定檔電話號碼。
    • None 此動作可讓您只傳送訊息給收件者,而不需執行動作。 For example, in the configuration below, if recipients send the keyword "STOP", they will automatically receive an unsubscription confirmation and their phone number will be sent to quarantine with the Blacklisted status. 此狀態僅指電話號碼,描述檔並未列入黑名單,因此使用者仍可繼續接收電子郵件訊息。
您的收件者現在可以自動取消訂閱您的訊息,並使用此自動回覆進行隔離。The quarantined recipients are listed in the Addresses table available through the Administration > Channels > Quarantines menu. For more information on quarantines, refer to this section .
如有需要,可儲存這些傳入的SMS。For more information on this, refer to this section .

Storing incoming SMS

SMS routing via SMPP 在外部帳戶中,您可以選擇儲存傳入訊息,例如當訂閱者回覆SMS訊息時,將其從收件者清單中移除。
By checking Store incoming MO in the database in the SMPP channel settings category, all SMS will be stored in the inSMS table and can be retrieved via a query activity in a workflow.
  1. In the SMPP channel settings field, check Store incoming MO in the database .
  2. Marketing activities 在標籤中,按一下 Create 然後選取 Workflow
  3. 選取您的工作流程類型。
  4. Edit the properties of your workflow, then click Create . For more on workflows creation, refer to this section .
  5. Drag and drop a Query activity and double-click the activity.
  6. In the Properties tab of the query, choose Incoming SMS (inSMS) in the Resource field.
  7. Then, in the Target tab, drag and drop the Incoming SMS attributes rule.
  8. 在這裡,我們想要定位前一天的每個傳入訊息。In the Field category, select Creation date (created) .
  9. In Filter type , select Relative then in Level of precision , choose Day .
  10. 然後您可以選擇擷取今天或過去幾天的資料。Click Confirm when your query is configured.