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Windows Visual Studio extensions for Experience Cloud Solutions 4.x SDK

此擴充功能可讓您更輕鬆地在專案中新增Experience Cloud Solutions 4.x Windows SDK的參考。


  1. GitHub 下載 Windows 通用 SDK。
  2. 在本機解壓縮下載檔案。
  3. Double-click the ADBMobileUniversalWindowsVSIX.vsix file to open the installer. #
  4. Select Global Location and install the library.

Add references to your project

  1. 開啟您的 Windows 10 專案。
  2. Open the Reference Manager dialogue box.
  3. On the Extensions tab, locate and select UICONTROL Adobe Mobile SDK. #
  4. 按一下​ 「確定」以儲存。
    The Adobe Mobile SDK will be added to your project. If the # package has not yet been added, this package will also be added to your project.
  5. In the Configuration Manager, select a a platform type and begin testing your app.