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Search&Promote 15.1.1 Release Notes (01/15/2015)


  • 以前,導引搜尋規則的關鍵字一律套用相關字詞、同義字等語言學功能。現在您可以停用此擴充功能,照原樣使用關鍵字。
    When you want to apply trigger conditions to a business rule, in the Advanced Rule Builder, following If any/all of the following conditions are met , in the first drop-down list, select keyword , and then select the new operator equal exact in the second drop-down list.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Visual Rule Builder 和 Advanced Rule Builder 不再截斷MDI(銷售檔案ID)欄位值。
  • 已修正 RBTA 相關的索引失敗。
  • 編輯狀態為「已批准」的現有業務規則,現在會廢止「已核准」狀態。 You must use Advanced Rule Builder to recheck the option Approved , and then save the rule as usual. If you do not reapprove an edited rule, the rule's status is automatically set to WIP (Work In Progress) on the Business Rules page.
  • A new Advanced Search option is now available on the Business Rules page for improved filtering of rules.
  • 新增 contains word 條件至、、、 Query Cleaning和中的規則觸發 Pre-Search Rules​Post Search Rules​Business Rules器,讓您輕鬆指定斷字。
  • 對業務規則附註所做的改進,例如當您檢視規則時,現在可擷取該規則的附註歷史記錄。 此外,註解現在會登入 Reports > Change Log
  • Queries with nonzero sp_i values are no longer run through the Adobe Analytics redirector.
    請參閱後端搜尋CGI參數 表格中的第15行