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The Traffic Estimator provides feedback that lets you know whether you have sufficient traffic for your Adobe Target activity to succeed.
Because an Automated Personalization activity uses multiple offer combinations, it is important to know how much traffic is required to provide meaningful results. The Traffic Estimator uses statistics about your page and the number of experiences being tested to estimate the amount of traffic and the test duration needed to make the activity successful.
The Traffic Estimator determines if there is enough traffic to generate personalized models, by comparing the estimated page impressions and typical conversion rate for the pages. 理想上,對於成功的活動,正確的樣本大小可確保個人化內容會在活動持續期間的 50% 或 14 天內就緒 (以較少者為準)。這可讓您有充分的時間來取得個人化內容並學習要傳送的內容。
Remember that Target randomly serves experiences until the personalization algorithms are built. The checkmark icon beside each offer shows when the model for that offer is ready and Target is able to begin delivering personalized content. 因為僅能在模型就緒之後預期提升度,視覺說明可讓您設定正確的預期。Use the Traffic Estimator in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) to get a guideline of when the models will be ready.


  1. From the Visual Experience Composer, click Traffic .
    The Traffic Estimator opens. You can click Traffic again to hide the Traffic Estimator.
  2. 提供一般轉換率 (或您從此活動預期的轉換率)、預估每日活動曝光次數和測試持續期間。
    • 選件數 :根據在排除任何項目後作為活動一部分建立的體驗數自動計算。
    • 一般轉換率 : 轉換率會根據您的估計或來自您分析系統的過去資料而以百分比表示.
    • 預計每日瀏覽次數 :這是根據定位條件,能夠檢視活動的訪客每天的瀏覽次數。 這可能根據您的分析資料。請注意,此數量應為造訪次數,而非不重複訪客次數。
    • 測試持續時間 : 活動要執行的天數。
    The Traffic Estimator uses these statistics to determine what adjustments are needed to run a successful test.
    Near the top of the Traffic Estimator, the values you entered are calculated and the results are shown.
    當您變更數量時,預估即會變更。For example, if you are testing a large number of combinations and your conversion rate and impressions are too low, the Traffic Estimator shows how long the test will need to run to be successful. Or, if your traffic is low, the Traffic Estimator might suggest a lower number of offer combinations so you can run the test the desired number of days.
    • Consider using an Auto-Target activity instead of Automated Personalization to create experiences with several offer changes in one experience variation.
    • Reduce the number of offer combinations within your Automated Personalization activity.
    • 增加活動的持續時間。
    Adjust the numbers until the Traffic Estimator says you have sufficient traffic, then design your test accordingly.
    If the traffic is sufficient, the Traffic icon shows a green check. 如果流量不足,圖示會顯示紅色的警告標籤。


使用流量估計器時,請考慮下列常 見問答:

為什麼我 Target 的AP活動流量足夠時,不建立個人化模型?

在特定情況下,您的流量可能足夠大,以建立個人化模型,但該流量可能會通知 Target ,個人化模型與隨機模型之間沒有有意義的差異。 雖然模型已內建並測 Target 試過,但由於模型並未明顯優於隨機模型,因此無法部署。
模型未比隨機選件好的一個可能原因是選件彼此差異不大。 如果是這樣,您可以嘗試讓選件在視覺上更不同(如果訊息類似),或嘗試變更訊息本身。