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Target can be integrated with Adobe Dynamic Media Classic (formerly Scene7) to provide Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the Content Library.
Integrating Target with Dynamic Media Classic enables delivery of assets (as part of activities) uploaded to the Adobe Experience Cloud assets folder. This integration does not enable access to all assets uploaded in Dynamic Media Classic for delivery in Target activities.
If you already have a Dynamic Media account, you can supply your existing credentials. If you do not have an account, you can request a restricted-use Dynamic Media Classic account at no additional charge from your Adobe representative. This account can be used for purposes restricted for use in Target only. 此服務已提供給工作流程需要影像交換功能的客戶。
If this setting is not configured, the Swap Image offer option within the activity creation workflow is not available. 設定完此設定後,可在 Visual Experience Composer(VEC)和表單型體驗撰寫器中,使用交換/變更影像選件的選項 。 You can then leverage image offers with images that have been uploaded from the Adobe Experience Cloud for use in Target activities.
如果您想要直接在選件中或在活動建立期間的自訂代碼中參考公用影像 URL,應該將影像部署至您自己的 Web 伺服器,並在代碼中使用您自己的 URL。There is no way to obtain the published URL of an image uploaded into the Experience Cloud to consume directly or outside of targeting workflows using Target. 根據合約,此功能是不被允許的。
Note that the storage URL and the final publish URLs of images from Dynamic Media are different and one must NOT create offers using the storage link of images as delivery will not work in such cases. 您必須使用影像選件功能,如我們的說明檔案所述。
To integrate with Dynamic Media Classic (Scene7), you need to specify the following information.
  1. 按一 下「管理 > Scene7設定」
  2. Specify the following Dynamic Media Classic account information:
    地區: Dynamic Media 您的 帳戶的地區: 北美、歐洲或亞洲。
    隨選資料夾: 用於 Target 資料夾外部內容的位置,並且會手動上傳至 Dynamic Media.
    電子郵件地址: 用於登入( Dynamic Media Classic​Scene7)的電子郵件地址。
    密碼: 用於登入()的 Dynamic Media Classic 密碼Scene7。
  3. 按一下​ 「提交」