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Several changes occur in your data collection process when enabling Analytics as the reporting source for Target (A4T).


開始使用 A4T 之前,您必須要求針對整合佈建您的帳戶。使用 此表單 來要求佈建帳戶。
視您是否要搭配 A4T 使用重新導向選件而定,此 A4T 整合需要您實作下列資料庫版本 (或更新版本):

​搭配 A4T 使用重新導向選件之情況下的需求

如果您不打算搭配 A4T 使用重新導向選件,則此整合需要您實作下列程式庫版本 (或更新版本)。列出的順序是作業順序。
  • Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service: visitorAPI.js 1.8.0版
  • Adobe Target (根據您的實作): at.js 版本 0.9.1 或 mbox.js 版本 61
  • Adobe Analytics: appMeasurement.js 版本 1.7.0

搭配 A4T 使用重新導向選件之情況下的需求

若要搭配 A4T 來使用重新導向選件,您必須實作下列程式庫版本 (或更新版本).列出的順序是作業順序。
  • Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service: visitorAPI.js 2.3.0版
  • Adobe Target: at.js 1.6.2 版
    注意: mbox.js 資料庫不支援使用 A4T 重新導向選件。您的實作必須使用 at.js。
  • Adobe Analytics: appMeasurement.js 版本 2.1
Download and deployment instructions are listed in Analytics for Target Implementation .


  • This integration is enabled on new activities when you select to use Analytics as the reporting source. 當您如本文所述進行實作變更時,現有的活動不受影響。
  • The process of setting up Analytics as the reporting source for Target includes several implementation steps, followed by a provisioning step. 實作之前,最好閱讀一遍如下所述的程序。After you complete these steps, you will be ready to use Analytics as your reporting source as soon as it is enabled for you. 佈建程序最多可能需要五個工作天。
  • 在 Visitor ID service 中建立 Visitor ID 共用 Adobe Experience Cloud。 Although it does not replace the Target mboxPC id or Audience Manager UUID, it does replace the way Analytics identifies new visitors. If set up properly, returning Analytics visitors should also be identified via their old Analytics ID to prevent visitor cliffing. Similarly, because the Target mboxPCid remains intact, no Target visitor profile data is lost when you upgrade to the Visitor ID service.
  • 必須 Visitor ID service 在您和頁面代碼 Analytics 之前 Target 執行。 Make sure that VisitorAPI.js appears above the tags for all other Experience Cloud solutions.


After this integration is enabled, you will experience an additional 5-10 minutes of latency in Analytics. This latency increase allows data from Analytics and Target to be stored on the same hit, allowing you to break down activities by page and site section.
This increase is reflected in all Analytics services and tools, including the live-stream and real-time reporting, and applies in the following scenarios:
  • 若是即時資料流、即時報表和 API 請求,以及目前的流量變數資料,則僅有附帶補充資料 ID 的點擊會延遲。
  • 若是目前轉換量度的資料、已完成的資料及資料摘要,則所有點擊均會額外延遲 5 至 7 分鐘。
Be aware that the latency increase starts after you implement the Experience Cloud visitor ID service, even if you have not fully implemented this integration.

補充 ID

All Target calls used by an A4T activity to deliver content or record the goal metric must have a corresponding Analytics hit that shares the same supplemental ID for A4T to work properly.
Hits that contain data from Analytics and Target contain a supplemental data ID. You can see this ID in the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger as the sdid parameter. 例如: sdid=2F3C18E511F618CC-45F83E994AEE93A0 。只要符合下列條件即會產生此 ID:
  • 已實作訪客 ID 服務
  • 已實作支援此整合的 mbox.js 版本。
When troubleshooting, be sure to confirm that the supplemental ID is present on Analytics hits.


根據預設,當 at.js、Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service 和 appMeasurement.js 位於頁面上時,只要如上所述包含來自頁面的正確補充 ID,Analytics 和 Target 就會正確地拼接事件,以用於後端的報表和分析用途。您不需要管理及執行任何其他作業,A4T 即可正常運作。
不過,在某些情況下,您可能會想要進一步掌控將 Target 相關分析資料傳送至 Analytics 以用於報表用途的時間和方式。您可能有要運用於內部用途的內部分析工具,但也想要透過內部分析產品將分析資料傳送至 Analytics,讓組織的其他成員能夠繼續利用 Analytics 作為視覺報表來源。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Analytics for Target 實作 ​中的 步驟 7: 在所有網頁上參照 at.js 或 mbox.js