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將 Target 與 Adobe Campaign 整合

Use Target with Adobe Campaign to optimize email content.
To optimize your email content--for example, to display different offers for male and female recipients--you can create a redirect offer in Target, then use Adobe Campaign to manage the email offers.
開啟電子郵件時即會進行整合。When the customer opens the email, a call is made to Target and a dynamic version of the content appears. 內容包含所有瀏覽器皆支援的靜態影像。Target 會在對象或工作階段等級上追蹤對選件的反應,且這項資料會出現在 報表中。Target
Target 可以追蹤下列資料:
  • 使用者代理
  • IP 位址
  • 地理位置
  • 與 Target 中的訪客 ID 相關聯的區段 (遵守法律許可)
  • Data from Campaign Datamart
  • 因為僅能使用影像,內容無法個人化。
  • Tracking is not consolidated in Adobe Campaign.
  • 沒有統一的使用者體驗。
    You must use both Target and Campaign to set up different parts of the integration:
    • 中的 rawbox 和體驗Target
    使用rawbox和時,請參 Target閱「建立允許清單」下的重要安全性聲明,此清單指定已授權將mbox呼叫傳送至Target的主機 Create allowlists that specify hosts that are authorized to send Target requests to Target.
    • The delivery in Campaign


Before you use Adobe Campaign to set up your targeted email offers, set up the following in Target:
Start the activity in Target before setting up the Campaign portion of the integration.

在 Adobe Campaign 電子郵件中包含 Target 選件

  1. Create an email in Adobe Campaign.
  2. 在電子郵件屬性中,按一下​ 「包含」 > 「Adobe Target 提供的動態影像」
  3. 從共用資產中選取預設影像。
  4. 指定位置 (rawbox)。
  5. 新增任何其他決策參數,例如收件者的性別。
  6. 預覽電子郵件,並為每個選件至少選取一位收件者 (在此範例中是一男一女)。
  7. In Campaign, define the Target Edge server you are using to control the activity and the name of the tenant.
  8. Specify the external account used for the Adobe Experience Cloud so you can access the resources in the Experience Cloud.
For more information, refer to the Adobe Campaign documentation.