Integrating with Adobe Creative Cloud

You are reading the AEM 6.1 version of Integrating with Adobe Creative Cloud.
This documentation is also available for the following versions:  AEM 6.2  AEM 6.0  AEM 5.6.1 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets lets you share folders containing assets with Adobe Creative Cloud users. For details on how to configure Adobe Marketing Cloud to let you share assets with Adobe Creative Cloud, see Configuring Assets-Creative Cloud integration.

  1. In the Assets console, select a folder to share with Creative Cloud.

  2. From the toolbar, click the Share icon.

  3. From the list, select the Adobe Creative Cloud option.

  4. In the Creative Cloud Sharing page, add the user to share the folder with and then click Save.

  5. Click Ok to close the confirmation message.

  6. Log on to Creative Cloud with the credentials of the user you shared the folder with. The shared folder is available in Creative Cloud.