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Why AEM Mobile?

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEMM) is part of the Adobe Experience Manager multi-channel digital platform that also leverages AEM Assets, Sites, Screens, Workflow, User Manager, Commerce and Forms.

AEM Mobile provides a robust set of features including: What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) mobile application authoring and publishing platform that enables your line of business authors to create and curate rich content like only Adobe can offer, localize that content in as many languages as needed, layout your application navigation and pages, build workflows to review and approve content, manage and rollout changes to your application style, integrate with 3rd party mobile SDKs, Target relavent content to your customers and, publish up to the second content to your customers through convenient Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

With Adobe Experience Manager Mobile and Adobe Mobile Services, you can analyze application life-cycle metrics, user journey's in your application and in the realworld (GPS and Beacon tracking), send push notiifcations and in-app messages.  Adobe Experience Manager Mobile focuses on having your development team enable your Line of Business Authors to create beautiful personalized mobile experiences, taking full advantage of mobile smart phone device sensors, the local file system and on-device databases, secure remote procedure calls, 3rd party plugins, services and so much more.

You can reduce development and maintenance costs by reducing your code footprint and re-using services and components across channels. With Adobe Experience Manager commerce for example, Mobile applications,  responsive Websites and Screens share the same commerce product catalog and commerce service endpoints for search, list products, display details, wish list, targeting campaigns and, integation with backend services via AEM Cloud Services.  Of course Adobe Experience Manager is an OSGi middleware server with OOTB persistence so use our services and you can build just about any service required for your business needs and, have that service serve Mobile, Websites and Screens clients.

With Adobe Experience Manager Mobile an Author is quickly and easily able to create personalize experiences through Client Context integration with Adobe Target, Create and publish Internationalized and localized content through Multi-site Management and ContentSync, leaverage our SDK for oAuth2 and Basic Authentication with robust Access Controls (ACLs) down to the individual widgets on a single view or serivice end-point, create rich Push Notifications with deep links into specified application pages, use AEM Verify (AppStore) for review and testing, Integrate with AEM Commerce, integration with more than 600 Apache Cordova plugins and, much more, and all part of AEM Mobile.

AEM Mobile lets you choose the best technology for your particular application - native or web for a best of both worlds blended experience.


Centrally Manage Apps

Enterprises that struggled to manage websites years ago face a similar problem with mobile apps today.

In the past, there wasn’t software for managing all of your web content from a single platform and because of this departments, divisions and global offices went off and built their own decentralized websites that were expensive to maintain and often off brand without oversight and without a formal review and approval process. That story is true with apps today. With Adobe Experience Manger (AEM) Mobile, we offer a unified platform to create and manage new and extend existing apps.

Build and Extend Apps

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile allows brands to rapidly create apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Using intuitive tools and frameworks, marketers can quickly create beautiful screens and nuanced navigational structures. The results is rapid time to market and frequent secure over-the-air updates to beat today’s inefficient workflows by 50-70%.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile also makes it possible to quickly extend existing native mobile apps with real-world functionality for the marketer via Apache Cordova. This means enterprises can have development resources quicky enable the marketer to update content, manage style, add and remove views, change layout and change navigation with existing applications, including the ability to access device sensors, access local storage, make secure remote services calls and, all the other mobile features that make apps integral to our lives. 

Leverage Content for Mobile

For what seems like forever, brands and enterprises have struggled to efficiently leverage their assets for multiple downstream digital channels. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile treats apps as a first class citizen in the multi-channel content experience, allowing marketing managers and creatives to populate apps with existing content through template-based authoring.   For companies who want to deliver content from other sources to their apps — whether from other CMS systems, product databases, ERP or CRM systems or any other content source — we offer flexible and open APIs.

Make, Measure and Optimize

Today, in order to integrate critical marketing services into mobile apps, you need to integrate with point solutions and maintain those solutions APIs and SDKs over time in your app. Contracting with multiple solution providers (analytics, targeting and notifications for example) only adds to the complexity, time and cost.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile comes with critical marketing services from Adobe Marketing Cloud so you don’t have to worry about integration points and ongoing maintenance let alone contracts from multiple vendors. As an example, customers can get up and running with Adobe Analytics within minutes of logging into their accounts for the first time, and we will integrate more Marketing Cloud services in the coming months.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile with the integration of Adobe Mobile Analytics offers powerful and actionable feedback empowering the marketer to make, measure and optimize with increased customer loyalty and customer conversions based on delivering up to the minute relevent content to the enterprise and your customers.

I'm ready. How do I ...

0. Quickstart

Get Geometrixx Mobile on your device now.

1. Starting with AEM mobile

Learn how to start a new app or leverage AEM within your existing app.

2. Managing content

Learn how to rapidly create and deliver new experiences to your customers.

3. Releasing to the world

Learn how to quickly get your app onto devices everywhere.

4. Using Adobe Mobile Analytics

Learn how to quickly gain insight into your app's value through analytics.

5. Targeting with Adobe Target

Learn how to target and deliver the content that customers are interested in seeing.

6. Push notifications

Learn how to schedule and deliver push notifications to devices anywhere.


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