Developing AEM Content for AEM Mobile On-Demand Services

You are reading the AEM 6.2 version of AEM Mobile On-Demand.
This documentation is also available for the following versions:  AEM 6.3 


If you are not using AEM as your content managment source, see AEM Mobile On-Demand Services Help.


Before working with AEM Mobile and following the steps within this getting started guide, users should be familiar with AEM

AEM Content Development for AEM Mobile On-Demand Services


Before you get started with setting up your environment for AEM Mobile On-Demand Services, see AEM Mobile Application Dashboard/Control Center.

An AEM developer extends and creates custom web templates and components to enable the AEM Author to create beautiful and engaging mobile experiences.  These templates and components are not only optimized for the mobile app world; but communicate both to the device and to the AEM server (any remote server) to omni-channel service end-points. AEM's built-in content editor is used by AEM Authors to create rich and relevent experiences within the app, including integration with the rest of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


For building and signing apps for AEM Mobile, see Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Help.

The following resources help an AEM developer to create an app using AEM Mobile On-Demand Services:


An AEM developer's role does not start and end with the development of templates and components.  An AEM developer can create an entirely new app rather than simply extend the out-of-the-box reference implementation sample.

Additional Resources

To more about the administering and the authoring tasks, see the resources below:

  • Administrator tasks include:
    • Setting up AEM Mobile, that covers
      • AEM Mobile Provisioning
      • Creating Projects for AEM Mobile
      • Configuring an AEM Mobile Connector
      • Adding AEM Mobile User Roles and Assigning Permissions
    • Configuring your User and User Groups
    • Previewing with Preflight
  • Author tasks include:
    • AEM Mobile Application Dashboard
    • Application Create and Configuration Actions
    • Managing Content

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