Feature Packs

You are reading the AEM 6.2 version of Feature Packs.
This documentation is also available for the following versions:  AEM 6.1 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2 provides updates to add fuctionality to the product using Feature Packs.

The following Feature Packs are available for AEM 6.2:

Feature Pack Download Link Documentation Description
Demandware Connector FP-10262 Deploying eCommerce with Demandware This feature-pack contains the reference implementation of the Commerce Integration Framework for the Demandware commerce platform.
Oak S3 Connector Feature Pack com.adobe.granite.oak.s3connector Data Store Configurations This feature pack enables the S3 data store feature. It also includes additional functionality to support a shared S3 Data Store for heterogeneous deployments. 
AEM Communities 6.2 FP2 AEM-6.2-Communities-Livefyre-Feature-Pack-2 Deploying Communities This feature pack includes contribution limits, ideation, featured content, editing sub-communities (nested groups), DSRP, dispatcher support for guest visitors, and badge management.  The feature pack is cumulative, including all features, improvements and fixes of previous Communities versions.
AEM Assets 6.2 FP2 FP-12692 AEM Assets 6.2 Feature Pack 2 This feature pack includes new scalability, performance, usability improvements for AEM 6.2 customers. The feature pack also includes support for custom video thumbnails and dynamic media color management capabilities..
Dynamic Media Color Management Feature Pack FP-13070 Configuring Image Replication This feature pack adds support for improved scalability and reliability for publishing of images, color management and correction and simplified keystore management.
FP1 for Assets and Dynamic Media AEM-6.2-DynamicMedia-3D AEM 3D Assets Release Notes This feature pack for AEM 6.2 adds 3D content capabilities to AEM Assets/Dynamic Media.

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