Livefyre Announcements

End of Livefyre Community Comments

The Community Comments WordPress plugin will no longer be available after October 20, 2016. This means that no new users will be able to sign up for Community Comments. Existing implementations of Community Comments and custom Livefyre embeds will continue to function until March 9, 2017, at which point all implementations will become read-only (e.g. no new comments will be saved). After April 6, 2017 the Community Comments application and custom Livefyre embeds will no longer render on users’ sites. Technical support will be discontinued in unison with the shutdown of the Community Comments plugin and custom embeds.

What are Community Comments?

The Livefyre Community Comments application is a real-time commenting solution for free users. Community Comments integrate with social media and bring conversations back to users owned sites to increase engagement and spark conversation.

Why are Community Comments going away?

Livefyre was acquired by Adobe in March 2016. In order to align with the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform, we made the strategic decision to move exclusively towards an enterprise based model. To help Adobe build the most comprehensive marketing platform in the world, we have to focus our team on our core business. This means making difficult decisions about which products to support.

Who will be impacted?

Free users of Community Comments will no longer be able to use the feature and will need to migrate to a different platform.

What should customers do now?

Community Comments customers will need to use the Adobe/Livefyre export tool (available here: http://www.livefyre.com/installation/site/export/) to download comments and deactivate the plugin before March 9, 2017.

The export tool will allow you to quickly and easily retrieve your historical comments with ease as you transition to an alternative platform.

Alternative Platform Suggestions:

  • WordPress Comments: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gplus-comments/
  • Disqus Comments: https://disqus.com/

Additional Resources

To get in touch with a member of our support team, contact support@livefyre.com.

Adobe Shutdown 4 July, 2016 – 8 July, 2016

Adobe’s offices are closed Monday, July 4th through Friday, July 8th for the Independence Day holiday. Expect longer than usual response times to any non-urgent support requests during this time.

For critical or urgent support requests, include the appropriate “P” tag (as outlined here: http://legal.livefyre.com/sla/) in the subject line of an email to prioritysupport@livefyre.com and we will act within our SLA to resolve the issue.

Update Instagram Settings before Friday, 1 July, 2016

What's Happening and Why?

Instagram has made a change to their API policy, which now requires commercial entities to use their own Instagram credentials to retrieve and engage with Instagram content. This change affects Adobe/Livefyre as well, and the way we deliver UGC to your Livefyre apps and folders. Livefyre/Adobe is currently in the process of approving (with Instagram) the new functionality that will allow your teams to make this change, and will notify you as soon as we’re ready for you to make changes.

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. When notified by Livefyre that the upgrade is ready, a member of your team must access your Production Studio dashboard and perform two extremely quick actions:
    Add your site-specific Instagram account information (username & password) *
  2. Authorize Livefyre to use the account.


* If you have already provided this information for Rights Management, you will only need to re-authorize Livefyre’s use of your app.

What’s Next?

We will provide additional information in the next 24-48 hours listing the exact steps needed to make the change. In the meantime, our Customer Success and Support teams will be ready and waiting to help facilitate this upgrade or answer any questions you may have.