Core Components v1

Version 1 was the first version of the Core Components with an initial compatability with AEM 6.3. Version 1 introduced the basic components essential to page composition including:

Release 1.1.0 of the Core Components also introduced a new component to display content fragments as well as enabled JSON export for the existing components.

The We.Retail reference site illustrates how the core components can be used.

Releases and Compatibility

Compatability of the version 1 of the Core Components with AEM started with AEM 6.3


The initial version 1 release of the Core Components was 1.0.0 and was made available with the release of AEM 6.3 and as part of the We.Retail reference implementation.

For more information about versions and releases of the Core Components, see Core Components Introduction.

The following table, the contents of which are available on GitHub with full release details, gives an overview of the releases of the Core Components.

Release Description
1.0.0 Initial release of Core Components

Fixes for animated GIF images in Image component

1.0.4 Fixes of Page Component, Image Component, various global fixes and improvements
1.0.6 Several fixes for the Image component
1.1.0 Implementation of JSON export on all components, introduction of the Content Fragment component


As with AEM, Adobe recommends that developers use the latest release of the Core Components available to benefit from the most up-to-date fixes and features.


The following table details the compatibility of all releases of the Core Components and with AEM.

AEM Version

Core Components v1

Release 1.0.0-1.0.6

Core Components v1

Release 1.1.0

6.1 Not Compatible Not Compatible
6.2 Not Compatible Not Compatible
6.3 Compatible Compatible*


* Using release 1.1.0 with AEM 6.3 requires feature packs to enable certain content services functionality

See the content services feature pack documentation for details.

For compatability information about other core component versions, see the table here. For information about Core Component support, see the section Core Component Support on the same page.


Authoring with Core Components describes the usage of the core components and the features that are exposed to content authors and template authors. Each component is documented in detail.

Developing Core Components describes the technical capabilities of the Core Components, how to use them in your projects, how to customize, and best practices.

Core Components Introduction gives an overview of Core Components compatability across versions, use cases, and support.

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