CRX (embedded in AEM 5.6.1)

You are reading the AEM 5.6.1 version of CRX (embedded in AEM 5.6.1).
This version has reached End of core support. For further details see our technical support periods.
This documentation is also available for the following versions:  AEM 5.6  CQ 5.5 

Exploring CRX

Introduction to JCR and CRX
Provides information about what CRX is, what the JCR standard is, and the differences between CRX and file systems and databases.

Find your way around in CRX
Provides an overview of the CRX web user interface, so you can find your way around quickly.

Getting Started for Developers
An introduction to the basics using a (simple) Blog as a development example.

Watch the Web Development Screencast
The screencast walks you through the main product modules and the "CRX Bookstore" example, an open source application illustrating the main aspects of web application development on the CRX platform.

Check out the CRX Bookstore Example
Click the Develop button on the Welcome screen and checkout the bookstore example application from a public subversion repository. Explore it's functionality and experiment by changing or extending the application.

Download and Start Working
Get up and running in no time using the CRX quickstart.

Setting up access rights
Provides detailed instructions on how to set up users, groups and their access rights to resources.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Deploying CRX

Using CRX

Working with CRX

The basics of finding your way around CRX and CRX's graphical user interface.

Managing the Repository

Provides the fundamentals on how to manage the repository and all the content.

CRX Console Tool

This command-line utility lets you access and manipulate repository content on the low level.

Administering CRX

Security and Access Rights

Provides instructions on how to set up access rights and permissions to pages and users. Also describes how to manage passwords.


What you need to know about working with workspaces, including troubleshooting and setting up workspaces.


To ensure full security of your installation you will need to perform regular maintenance like backing up the software and the repository.

Persistence Managers

The persistence manager saves the repository content to a permanent storage solution that needs to be configured.


What you need to know about configuring LDAP authentication for the CRX application, including examples.


Provides information on evaluating and increasing CRX performance, which includes high availability, load balancing, and scalability.

Developing on CRX