Package com.adobe.xmp

Package containing the xmpcore interface.


Interface Summary
XMPConst Common constants for the XMP Toolkit.
XMPDateTime The XMPDateTime-class represents a point in time up to a resolution of nano seconds.
XMPIterator Interface for the XMPMeta iteration services.
XMPMeta This class represents the set of XMP metadata as a DOM representation.
XMPSchemaRegistry The schema registry keeps track of all namespaces and aliases used in the XMP metadata.
XMPVersionInfo XMP Toolkit Version Information.

Class Summary
XMPDateTimeFactory A factory to create XMPDateTime-instances from a Calendar or an ISO 8601 string or for the current time.
XMPMetaFactory Creates XMPMeta-instances from an InputStream
XMPPathFactory Utility services for the metadata object.
XMPUtils Utility methods for XMP.

Exception Summary
XMPException This exception wraps all errors that occur in the XMP Toolkit.

Package com.adobe.xmp Description

Package containing the xmpcore interface.

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