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Browser Width/Height

Metrics that refer to the horizontal/vertical distance of the data in the browser window only. More specifically, the browser
Adobe Analytics uses the browser height and width only from the first hit of a visit. The rest of the hits do not get the attribution for the same visit. The browser width/height dimensions capture similar but distinct values when compared with mobile screen size.
For example, when you break down browser width or height by mobile resolution, you need to be aware of these distinctions:
  • The Mobile Device Resolutions are the physical values associated with the device. For example, under Mobile Device Resolutions the Galaxy S8 would appear as 2,960 x 1,440. The Mobile Device Resolution is retrieved from a 3rd-party service after the device is identified.
  • By contrast, under the Browser Height and Width values, you see the CSS (logical) values of 740 x 360. The Browser values rely on the Javascript/CSS data.
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