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Visitor Profile

Reports that help you see purchasing patterns of customers from various profile categories, including countries, states, ZIP/postal codes and domains.
Reports Description
Displays your visitors' preferred languages, captures the default browser language, and displays the languages that visitors use most often on your site.
Lists the organizations and ISPs your visitors use to access your site. This report differs from the Full Domains report in that the Full Domains report registers the full ISP domain, whereas this report lists the secondary domain.
Note: Some mobile carriers (such as T-Mobile and O1) are no longer providing domain info for reverse-DNS lookups. Data from those carriers is not available for domain reporting.
Top Level Domains
Identifies world regions that visitors come from based on their originating domain extension, and shows how many visitors come from these countries. Domains ending in Commercial (.com), Network (.net), Education (.edu), Government (.gov) and Organization (.org) are usually based in the United States, and are listed separately from the rest of the domains.
Visitor ZIP/Postal Code
Displays the zip and postal codes that produced the customers that had the greatest effect on purchase success metrics.