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Dimensions incompatible with Data Warehouse segments

The following dimensions cannot be used in Data Warehouse segments:
  • All Search Page Rank
  • AM/PM
  • Day of Month
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Year
  • Entry Business Unit
  • Entry (All Dimensions starting with Entry, except Entry Page)
  • Exit (All Dimensions starting with Exit, except Exit Link and Exit Page)
  • Hierarchy (All Dimensions starting with Hierarchy)
  • Hit Depth
  • Hit Type
  • Hour Day
  • Month of Year
  • Pages not Found
  • Paid Search
  • Quarter of Year
  • Return Frequency
  • Single Page Visits
  • Time Prior to Event
  • Time Spent on Page - Bucketed
  • Time Spent per Visit - Bucketed
  • Tracking Opt-out Reason
  • US States
  • Weekday/Weekend