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Choose an implementation method

There are multiple ways to implement Adobe Analytics.
  • Launch (Recommended)
  • Dynamic Tag Management
  • JavaScript

Launch, by Adobe

Launch is the next generation of website tag and mobile SDK management capabilities from Adobe. Launch gives you a simple way to deploy and manage all of the analytics, marketing, and advertising integrations necessary to power relevant customer experiences.
Launch empowers anyone to build and maintain their own integrations with Launch, called Extensions. These extensions are available to web and mobile Launch customers in an app-store experience, so customers can quickly install, configure, and deploy their integrations.
For more information, see Getting Started with Launch .

Dynamic Tag Management

Dynamic Tag Management automates much of the detail work required to implement Analytics. Enter the required information in a form-based interface, and Dynamic Tag Management generates the code you need to add to your pages.
Although Dynamic Tag Management greatly simplifies the implementation process, you should be familiar with basic [Analytics] terminology before you begin. It is also useful to be familiar with JavaScript.
For example, you should understanding the following:
For information about getting access to Dynamic Tag Management and getting up and running, see Getting Started in the Dynamic Tag Management Product Documentation.


The JavaScript implementation method requires you to configure the JavaScript codes on your pages manually. Much of this effort can be simplified if you use the Dynamic Tag Management implementation method. However, some users might require the JavaScript method.
The JavaScript implementation requires:
  • Strong JavaScript skills
  • Solid understanding of Analytics concepts and terminology
For more information, see Implementing Analytics Using JavaScript .