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Packages that use Node
javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.lock Provides interfaces and classes for content repository locking functionality. 
javax.jcr.query Provides interfaces and classes for content repository searching functionality. 
javax.jcr.util Provides utility classes for the content repository API. 
javax.jcr.version Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality. 

Uses of Node in javax.jcr

Methods in javax.jcr that return Node
 Node Session.getRootNode()
          Returns the root node of the workspace.
 Node Session.getNodeByUUID(java.lang.String uuid)
          Returns the node specifed by the given UUID.
 Node Property.getNode()
          If this property is of type REFERENCE this method returns the node to which this property refers.
 Node NodeIterator.nextNode()
          Returns the next Node in the iteration.
 Node Node.addNode(java.lang.String relPath)
          Creates a new node at relPath.
 Node Node.addNode(java.lang.String relPath, java.lang.String primaryNodeTypeName)
          Creates a new node at relPath of the specified node type.
 Node Node.getNode(java.lang.String relPath)
          Returns the node at relPath relative to this node.
 Node Item.getParent()
          Returns the parent of this Item.

Methods in javax.jcr with parameters of type Node
 Value ValueFactory.createValue(Node value)
          Returns a Value object of PropertyType.REFERENCE that holds the UUID of the specified Node.
 void Property.setValue(Node value)
          Sets this REFERENCE property to refer to the specified node.
 Property Node.setProperty(java.lang.String name, Node value)
          Sets the specified (REFERENCE)property to refer to the specified Node.
 void ItemVisitor.visit(Node node)
          This method is called when the ItemVisitor is passed to the accept method of a Node.

Uses of Node in javax.jcr.lock

Methods in javax.jcr.lock that return Node
 Node Lock.getNode()
          Returns the lock holding node.

Uses of Node in javax.jcr.query

Methods in javax.jcr.query that return Node
 Node Query.storeAsNode(java.lang.String absPath)
          Creates a node representing this Query in content.

Methods in javax.jcr.query with parameters of type Node
 Query QueryManager.getQuery(Node node)
          Retrieves an existing persistent query.

Uses of Node in javax.jcr.util

Methods in javax.jcr.util with parameters of type Node
protected abstract  void TraversingItemVisitor.entering(Node node, int level)
          Implement this method to add behaviour performed before a Node is visited.
protected abstract  void TraversingItemVisitor.leaving(Node node, int level)
          Implement this method to add behaviour performed after a Node is visited.
 void TraversingItemVisitor.visit(Node node)
          Called when the Visitor is passed to a Node.
protected  void TraversingItemVisitor.Default.entering(Node node, int level)
protected  void TraversingItemVisitor.Default.leaving(Node node, int level)

Uses of Node in javax.jcr.version

Subinterfaces of Node in javax.jcr.version
 interface Version
          A Version object wraps an nt:version node.
 interface VersionHistory
          A VersionHistory object wraps an nt:versionHistory node.

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